Giveaway: SanWhole Vole PageShare Pro LTUD for FREE

Create professional stylish charming websites based on documents. No coding, no online drag and drop.

You only need to focus on editing your document with familiar word processing software. Vole PageShare will complete all remaining work on creating your website.
Purchase Code: VPSPLDSOS00000X238
Purchase Code: PWH2X3BDJ000002663
Purchase Code: VPSPLDBDJ000009038
Download: setupvolepageshare.3.68.8033.exe
Download: Vole_PageShare_Professional_Edition_LTUD-3.66.8031.exe
License Key: VPSPLDSOS000002733
License Key: VPSPLDGOT000003533

Click and register a free Sanwhole account (or log into your existing account)
Once logged in, click the top-right option that says HI to go to your account
Once you're on your account dashboard, click IMPORT PURCHASE and enter/paste the giveaway license key
Click IMPORT PURCHASE button to confirm
Once confirmed, go to DOWNLOAD LICENSES FILE and click the button that says DOWNLOAD LICENSES FILE. You'll be downloading a VOLELICENSES.TXT file which you'll need to register the software.

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