Giveaway: SanWhole Vole Office Ultimate Edition LTUD for FREE

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Vole Office is a light Microsoft Word and Excel editor.

Registration Page: link
Download: Samwhole_Vole_Office_Ultimate_Edition_LTUD.exe
License Key: VOEPLDGCB0080086B8
License Key: VOEPLDBDJ008009718
License Key: VOEULDSOS00A003F33
Note: In your account dashboard, click IMPORT PURCHASE and enter license key
Vole Office help you create full-featured Microsoft Word DOCX and Microsoft Excel XLSX document and replicate Microsoft Office user experience.

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Bryan gee

simple couple of questions. 1 – at the side of the ‘file’ tab is a small tab with what looks like a page and a down arrow. I click on it, and it appears to do nothing at all. What is it for and how do you use it. 2 – if you right click on the quick access bar, you just get 2 options, to minimize the ribbon or to show the access bar either above/below the ribbon bar. How do you actually customize this bar, as it’s just empty and does nothing. Seems like there is NO help… Read more »