Giveaway: Process Lasso Pro 9 for FREE

Process Lasso will dynamically boost the performance of your PC.

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Time limited deal/s
Buy Process Lasso Lifetime License with 50% Discount


5 thoughts on “Giveaway: Process Lasso Pro 9 for FREE

  1. You are NOT eligible for this promotion, It was intended for a print magazine in Germany, for their physical readers only, but misused by others. Our products are largely free, you don’t NEED a license in many cases. However, the DISCOUNT CODE is still valid and this is the LAST time we are offering 50% off, so my advice would be to take it. I promise you I would give ALL my software away, BUT we must make money to stay in business. We could do that with shady tricks, but I prefer straight up purchases of LIFETIME licenses (if selected, and – yes – you can change PCs!).
    – Jeremy Collake
    Owner, Principal Software Engineer

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