Giveaway: Picture Instruments Smart GPS Sync Basic v1.0.3 for Win and MAC Free

Transfer GeoData from one image to a batch of images.

You don't want to do without GPS-tags in your photos but you also don't want to run a GPS-logger all the time?
If you take just one single photo containing GPS data with your smartphone you can use “Smart GPS Sync” to transfer that GPS information to all other photos in your camera at a later point in time. If you have no photo with the right GPS data at hand you can also just copy longitude and latitude from Google Maps or Bing Maps into the corresponding fields and apply them to an entire batch of photos.



Download WIN: Smart_GPS_Sync_1.0.3.exemirror
Download MAC: Smart_GPS_Sync_Mac.dmgmirror
NOTE: Run the program, at that screen, enter your email address
in the REGISTER area and click the REGISTER button. Next check your inbox
for an email that contains your license key. Once you have the key, go back
to the program, enter your email address and key in the ACTIVATE area and
hit the ACTIVATE button to register the program.

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