Giveaway: PanoramaStudio v2.6.7 (Win&Mac) for FREE

The program combines simple generation of perfect panoramas in a few steps with sophisticated post-processing for advanced users.

Download: panoramastudio2_267.exepanoramastudio2_267.dmg
License Name: c'tFotografie2019
License Key: DQCF6-7TSAYZ-R6H3Q9-3MG34

PanoramaStudio is a program that allows you to create panoramic images. It automatically combines images with each other, while ensuring a smooth and imperceptible transition from one to another. Before performing the operation, the source images can be cropped, scaled and rotated. PanoramaStudio supports JPG, TIFF, PSD, BMP, PNG, PCX, RAS, IFF, TGA, and many RAW files. The program automatically determines the focal length, can automatically correct the distortion of the lens, as well as improve the perspective. The resulting images can be further processed using filters.

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