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O&O DiskImage can not only reconstruct lost data but also restore a system image onto entirely different hardware in the event of a system crash.

This is done by way of a boot medium (CD or USB Stick) based on Windows PE, which brings back the normal work environment after a disaster in just a short space of time.
New and enhanced functions
With the current O&O DiskImage it is possible from Windows 7 to create a boot medium directly from within the program. The current version supports not only systems based on BIOS but also the current EFI /UEFI systems.
For a file backup which just backs up files and folders, a readily available compression program such as WinZIP can be used for restoring the files.
With the integrated function M.I.R. (machine independent restoration) it is now possible to restore a system onto different hardware. Not only can an image or clone be restored onto servers and desktops with identical hardware, they can also be restored onto machines where the motherboard or processor has been changed, for example. After the image has been restored, the new hardware can be adapted and the system is once again start-capable.

Product Page: link
Giveaway: link
Download x86: OODiskImage7ProfessionalEnu.exemirror
Download x64: OODiskImage7Professional64Enu.exemirror
Download BartPE bootable media: XP_Vista_Only-OODiskImage7ProBartPE-OOBP_OODI_7.1.93_PRO_ENU.exemirror

Only Windows XP and Vista users need to download BartPE
bootable media – Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users can use O&O DriveImage 7
Pro's built-in bootable media creator.

Update: Jul 2015

Giveaway: link

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