Giveaway: LiteManager Pro v4.8 for Free

remote access software for remote administration of computers over the Internet or remote control in a local network, for distant learning, providing remote support to users and supervising work activity of employees.

Download: LiteManager_Pro_4.8.zipmirror
License Key: e6c7C6e7DBf0CfeDd755895463aF5f203U2JhhkARaqvFM3EaEE49pgPubcsNHKb
License key: BffacC7fD06C2eE34a68ED63E4AD71533U2JhhQAQaCeFdjFSUMT64gS18RNWBe3jhLUtyw0cpo=

License Key: 93A0396323449F1d7364dE6c9e75c39F3U2JhhQDRKyhFM3SYVUc+IoYy5d4UQHtzTbcziw0cp0=

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What is this deal actually providing? There are two modes to this application, 1. A per computer license. If you want to support your grandpa, that’s 2 licenses – 1 for you, one for grandpa. I also believe they are different licenses (one client, one sever) 2. A support desk license. You pay a one off fee for the number of simultaneous connections. You want to support grandpa, that’s 1 support desk license. You want to support grandpa, uncle and Aunty at the same time – that’s 3 support desk licenses. So, what is this giving me? 1 computer license?… Read more »