Giveaway: iolo System Mechanic for Free

Boost your computer’s speed, power, and stability with advanced PC tune-up using iolo System Mechanic.

iolo System Mechanic is an award-winning performance optimization suite that incorporates multiple patented and patent-pending innovations designed to fix, speed up and maintain computers so they run like new. iolo System Mechanic gives you over 50 automatic tools to clean hard drive clutter, repair your registry, defragment drives and memory, and optimize system and internet settings.

Currently a top selling product of its kind, iolo System Mechanic has been used by more than 40 million consumers worldwide since 1998 to keep an estimated 75 million computers operating at peak performance.

Product Page: link
Download: Giveaway_SystemMechanic.exemirror

Note: 6 months license

Update Aug 2015
Giveaway: link
Download: SystemMechanicPro_14.6.0.76.exemirror

iolo System Mechanic Pro with free updates (50% discount)

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