Giveaway: Heimdal Thor Premium Home for FREE

Get a 3-year free Heimdal Thor Premium Home license for 3 PCs.

Giveaway: link

1) Select 3 Years and 3 Devices
2) Click Voucher field and enter “vaccinetrial”
3) fill name, email etc

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Not FREE but 90% off.
90% off crap is still crap

Not FREE but 90% discounted

This works but don’t check the “License length” box.

It does not work:

Thor Premium
Thor Premium Home
3 – Years Subscription
3 – Devices

Full Price
EUR 179.95

Discount 70%: – EUR 125.96
EUR 24.95
Final Price:
EUR 53.99
Includes VAT 21%: EUR 9.37
Subtotal: EUR 44.62

Who did not have time, he was late : – ( … The free giveaway is over, friends!

try to charge £70 not good

I think you missed the VOUCHER button…..You have to click on the voucher button in order to open a field in which to put the word “vaccinetrial” The cost should go down to 0.