Giveaway: HDD Mechanic Standard 2.1 for Free

HDD Mechanic is a basic featured tool for retrieving data and restoring damaged hard drives on Windows. It detects all storage types, such as flash drives, hard drives, SSD, memory cards, digital cameras and external drives. The HDD Mechanic tool completely restores split tables, MBR and file systems automatically. A live preview enables you to select a particular file you wish to restore among the other fixable files. The live preview is a very important feature as it shows you 350+ categories of files which include archives, documents, pictures and multimedia files.

HDD Mechanic also retrieves deleted folders and files, and restores files that have already been deleted from Recycle bin. It can retrieve information from corrupted, formatted and inaccessible disks.


Download: hdd_mechanic_setup2.1.exe

Registration Name: sharewareonsale
Registration Key: C6QT-FXQN-2APC-K2VT
Registration Name: GiveawayoftheDay
Registration Key: JT9R-E64H-9PDY-FT2S
Registration Name: recoverymechanic
Registration Key: L4MS-TE8D-WJQG-3HF5

Buy HDD Mechanic with free lifetime upgrades $9.95


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