Giveaway: F‑Secure SAFE Internet Security for FREE

Stay secure online by installing F‑Secure SAFE

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9 thoughts on “Giveaway: F‑Secure SAFE Internet Security for FREE

  1. For U.K users only! You need to fake IP to get this giveaway! 😀
    Virgin Mobile is a brand of Richard Branson, a English billionaire 😀

  2. I see. I might have meant to try it a few years back. However, I too a leave of absence to go fight cancer.
    Most people know how that is, so I never got around to trying it. Sorry, I did not know that was what
    caused the 90-day deal. Cheers.

  3. Never said it did not work. Said it was only good for 90 days. In the future, I wish these “short lived” apps would states so sometime before completing the give-a-way. Once done, it’s too let to say not interested in a 90 day trial. Especially with antivirus apps, which when uninstalled, usually leave your system in a way that’s not preferred. However, Net-Load is the best site by far for trying new software. Thanks for all
    you hard work!


    • hello, i have tested twice with different email and it gave me 1 year, i think it gives 90days to already registered email.
      Not sure if today still works, at the time of posting and your first comment it worked for 1 year license.

  4. Your existent account won’t work.sigma is right,you have to created new account for this giveaway.
    Thanks 🙂

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