Giveaway: F‑Secure SAFE Internet Security for FREE

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Stay secure online by installing F‑Secure SAFE

Giveaway: link
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End of line.

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Quach Phat Thang

For U.K users only! You need to fake IP to get this giveaway! 😀
Virgin Mobile is a brand of Richard Branson, a English billionaire 😀

Quach Phat Thang

Correction: An English billionaire

Quach Phat Thang
Diane Greene

I see. I might have meant to try it a few years back. However, I too a leave of absence to go fight cancer.
Most people know how that is, so I never got around to trying it. Sorry, I did not know that was what
caused the 90-day deal. Cheers.

Diane Greene

Never said it did not work. Said it was only good for 90 days. In the future, I wish these “short lived” apps would states so sometime before completing the give-a-way. Once done, it’s too let to say not interested in a 90 day trial. Especially with antivirus apps, which when uninstalled, usually leave your system in a way that’s not preferred. However, Net-Load is the best site by far for trying new software. Thanks for all
you hard work!



Your existent account won’t work.sigma is right,you have to created new account for this giveaway.
Thanks 🙂

Diane Greene

Ninety Days Only