Giveaway: ExplorerMax File Manager for FREE

A Chrome-styled File Manager for Smart Windows Users!

Download: link
License Key: 520CD-355BC-ED9A0-39E4D-029E4
License Key: 36AAE-98C9B-08C5D-98A7A-C46A7
Note: Each key can be used for 100 users with free updates, for half a year.

Key features of ExplorerMax:
1. Tabs – Tabs let you keep multiple folders open and switch between them quickly.
2. Quick Search – Search the files from your system or specific disk. And it's returning the results in groups / Categories clearly.
3. Bookmarks – Keep your favorite files or folders quickly accessible through bookmarks.
4. Timeline – Locate to your file-managing history and recent files efficiently.
5. Skin – Light or dark mode is available.
6. Batch Rename – Smart rename your files.
7. Compression/Extraction – Easy to compress and extract the files in most types.
8. Dual-pane – support better file-to-file operations. (Beta)
9. PhotoMax – a plugin to organize photos. (Beta)

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It seems that the poster has put two keys combined with a “-“. That’s the reason you may find it doesn’t work since the second one works well with my PC.
The first key: 520CD-355BC-ED9A0-39E4D-029E4
The second key: 36AAE-98C9B-08C5D-98A7A-C46A7

Stay away from that software, it’s just a tricky download. “Each key can be used for 100 users with free updates, for half a year.”. There is just one key, valid for the first 100 users.

No!! Because the editor has added an extra “—” between two keys. There are many chances left. Take it!
First one: 520CD-355BC-ED9A0-39E4D-029E4
Second one: 36AAE-98C9B-08C5D-98A7A-C46A7

Virustotal says the exe file is unsafe… could you check it please ?

False positive. Most famous brands like AVG and Sophos and Kaspersky and etc claimed them safe. We’ve tried several times to contact VBA32 and eGambit but failed. If any virus or ads contained, I’ll eat them.

key not working

key not working