Giveaway: DubCen v2.1 Calculator and Converter for FREE

Dubcen is a collection of various calculators, converters and tools that will completely change the way you calculate.



Giveaway: link
Download: dubcen_2.1.exemirror
Name: sharewareonsale
Key: U2FsdGVkX1/WTYzPkLpnch1qBUI04u9RJ4C6yH1aYr1yhdWchJTI27RWLG9ZyeSacigaiWY+XaKTCOms9Avz1P2ehxzPY/TF98eVvgM5h2I=

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License Key: U2FsdGVkX19sz9rcc1GmVeEhYAei6Vi0xlVP5c/1qFAJLmSJSxAyOjN+aoQ5r/zTqkUL0w9qeCijqYNfUghbsQ==
1 Year License
Go straight to giveaway link
1) Enter your details (not payment details – except for email, if you like, you can fill with fake info)
2) Choose any payment option, it won't matter as there will be no payment processed
3) Use a special coupon “FREE” which will allow you to “purchase” DubCen at $0
4) You will receive license key in e-mail

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