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Easily transfer data between iPhone/iPad and computer.

License code: JM3LZ-47PM1-RVWD3-1H8PH-FY45Z
License code: MT3UR-X3U54-HVBCF-BHJNU-XCY7U
(Lifetime license code, not support re-installation or update, valid till 2020-11-10)

DMtrans for Windows is a comprehensive iOS data manager tool. It can help users to migrate data from iPhone, iPad to computer. Or you can import data from computer to the iOS device. Besides, the software is effective to manage your data on iPhone or iPad. You can add new items to the iOS device, edit iOS data on iOS device, or remove data from the device. It's very easy to help you manage the data on your iPhone or iPad.

The software is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10. You can use this software on Windows machine to manager the data. With this software, you can flexibly transfer all the data, or just specified data between iOS devices and computers.

At last, the software is very simple and easy to use. You can transfer data with only a few clicks and the functions of the software is easy understanding for users. It’s the best alternative for iTunes to manage iOS data. It's fast and safe to help you migrate and manage data.

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