Giveaway: Business Card Maker v9.0 for Free

Business Card Maker is a software for business card design with over 150 stylish templates for a quick start. Creating a business card takes literally one minute if you pick one of the ready-made designs.

Another way is to choose one of the basic layouts and fill it with your visual content. You can also use the app to create ID cards and badges with photo. The software offers an intuitive drag & drop interface, rich text editing tools, a scalable grid and easy layer management. It lets you save in up to 1200 dpi, or print on any paper or cardstock.

Download: Business_Card_Maker_9.0_Feb2017.exemirror
Download: BusinessCardMaker-9.0.exemirror

Time limited deal
Buy Business Card Maker – Studio edition with 70% discount


8 thoughts on “Giveaway: Business Card Maker v9.0 for Free

  1. This is a great program for making business cards. If you install it, you can find the serial number hard-coded in CardMaker.exe (use unicode search and HxD). It does try to phone home, and if your email is not registered, it will block the activation, OTOH, if you do not have an internet connection, it will register anyway. Or it did with Business_Card_Maker_9.0_Feb2017.exe. Not sure about the current offer.
    Anyone handy with Ollydbg, I can instructions.
    I prefer this giveaway to the full 150MB version, bit of an overkill, unless you are into commercial card making, in which case you probably should buy it, IMHO.

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