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BulkZip File Compressor is the world’s most powerful file compressor and gives you the best results in data compression and archive creation. It features up-to-date technology that outperforms all competition. BulkZip File Compressor features high performance compression technology that allows you to create archives that can be up to 3x times smaller in size than with rival software.

BulkZip File Compressor can extract over a dozen archive formats (ZIP, RAR, 7z, ISO, GZIP, IMG, and more), create popular archive formats (ZIP, 7z, TAR, and more), supports AES encryption, works with multi-volume archives, can create self-extracting archives, and more.



Download: BulkZipSetup.7.2.719.2361.exemirror
License Key: 7150I-EQ706-5ILZI-A55L8-1C7LC

Update: September 2015

Download: BulkZipSetup.7.4.828.4014.exemirror
License Key: 7U5LY-PP26O-TBR95-73ZTQ-FFMCA

Download: BulkZipSetup.7.5.917.4669.exe

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