Giveaway: Black Bird Cleaner Pro v1.0.0.0 for Free

Clean your PC from unnecessary and temporary files frees valuable hard disk space and speed up your system.

Download: Black_Bird_Cleaner_Pro_v1.exemirror
License Key: 52430395


One thought on “Giveaway: Black Bird Cleaner Pro v1.0.0.0 for Free

  1. I would give Blackbird Cleaner 10 Stars if I could. ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯
    I have used many cleaners. I have cleaned by manual dexterity.
    I used CCleaner Commercial paid version.
    Nothing has come close to the cleaning power of “Blackbird Cleaner”.
    Having restored numerous computers from Viruses, Malware
    and all sorts of Malicious content, using an automatic cleaner is
    MIGHTY SCARY to me.
    However, I made a cloned image of my disk and then ran “Blackbird Cleaner”.
    It was reasonably fast.
    It identified the items it cleaned.
    It was less intrusive than other cleaners that completely delete tab history in the 8 Browsers I have
    on my computer.
    When Completed, it cleaned significantly more than any of the competition.
    I ran the program in default mode and did not select advanced in the Pro version.
    I am very impressed. I am rarely impressed and this is my first review yet have used command prompt computers.
    I made the program Portable. I have done this to other programs. It doesn’t always work.
    I installed the program as normal. Input the Key.
    I then copied the Blackbird folder to my “Portable Programs” folder.
    I then deleted with Rivo Uninstaller which uninstalls then scans the registry and computer for other entries.
    There were no other entries including the Registry that it could find.
    After it was uninstalled, I ran the copied program from my Portable folder and it worked perfect.
    I have done this with Aomei Backuper also and it worked.
    I don’t like installed programs and try to stay away from them. They are much more likely to
    contain viruses and malware. Portable programs can’t modify browsers since they simply unzip
    to a folder.
    The people that coded Blackbird Cleaner, really know what they are doing and have
    significantly 1 upped the competition I know of. They have set a new standard I was lucky to get the program
    for free from Giveaway of the day.
    This program is so good, I wish they would come up with an Anti Virus program that is equally
    a stand out from the crowd as Blackbird cleaner is.
    Ease of installation can’t be easier unless someone does it for you.
    Ease of use is equally as easy.
    You don’t need to be a computer genius to use the program.
    Yet, the program acts like it is a genius compared to the competition.
    5 out of 5 stars is not enough in this rare case.
    So you know how to accept this review.
    I have a decree in computer sciences.
    I have significant experience designing the infrastructure of the internet.
    I have experience in a high capacity Level 3 Communication Gateways.
    I am a Disaster recover specialist.
    Have recovered numerous computers from serious viruses and breached computers acting as hosts.
    I have significant experience with PCs, especially vulnerable Windows.
    Support the company. They have done a fantastic job.
    Making the program display a detailed report of what is cleaned and configurable,
    would only bloat the program and make things confusing for the average user.
    Good Job A+++++++

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