Giveaway: BinaryMark Batch Images Essential 5.5 for Free

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Swiss Army knife of bulk image processing at a fraction of Photoshop’s cost!

You tell the program how to process files by adding various actions to the “Action Sequence”, which represents a sequence of operations to be performed step by step. In the Action Sequence, actions can be easily rearranged, moved around, duplicated using simple drag and drop operations and / or keyboard commands.
Conditions and Processing Paths

Conditional processing is possible with conditions, which are simply special actions that make sure that the actions that follow them should only be performed if particular requirements are satisfied: file name and file size match specified parameters, or a file contains certain text, etc. This results in potentially different processing paths for different files.

Actions and conditions are visually presented in the action sequence using numbered hierarchical tree-like list and arrows, making it easy to design and see processing logic and understand various relationships between the actions and conditions.

There is no limit to how many actions or conditions can be added to the action sequence, nor are there any restrictions as to how the actions should be ordered. Do whatever you need to accomplish your goals!

Giveaway edition limitations:
– 1 Processing Thread
– 100 Images per batch
– 2 Actions per batch
– Conditional, Scheduled, and Automatic/Background processing is not supported
– Action Sequence Templates and some advanced options are not supported

Download: bi201510gw.exe
License: PreActivated

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