Giveaway: Auslogics BoostSpeed 10 for FREE

Auslogics BoostSpeed – a set of tools designed to maintain and optimize the computer with the Windows operating system.

License Key: Y2JEV-7ULB7-KNSQC-9RH79-4B9S5
Note: 1year license

The program includes a powerful set of utilities that allow you to speed up the work on the Internet, to make quick launch of games and other applications that are demanding of computer resources clean the computer from garbage, fix registry errors, defragment disks, etc.

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Something is wrong with your like box.
I already liked your page on earlier giveaways, so I see the Like is checked already when this page loads.
I can change the state countless times, (Like/unlike), but the serial will not be visible.
I just found out, if I:
1. unlike
2. reload the page
3. Like again
then the facebook’s popup will be displayed, and I can like you in the popup and the serial will be displayed finally.
I hope it help to raise your like to the sky 🙂
Thank for all of the giveaways!
Win10, latest Chrome

License Key:

Y2JEV-7ULB7-KNSQC-9RH79-4B9S5.i use firefox try different browser. just wait for whole thing to load u will see the license key.