Giveaway: Artensoft Tilt Shift Generator v1.2 for Free

Re-create the tilt-shift effects by using your PC – no tilt-shift lens required! Make stunning dioramas by using computer-generated tilt-shift effect. Artensoft Tilt Shift Generator helps you reproduce the appearance of a miniature scale model in post processing without restricting yourself to a certain angle at the time of shooting – and without investing in expensive tilt-shift glass.

Tilt-Shift Generator produces convincing, natural-looking miniatures at a small fraction of the price of a real tilt-shift lens. And the best part is it works just as good as or better than glass-and-metal tilt-shift lenses.

Tilting the lens simulates a macro shot or a miniature scene. This one effect is easy to reproduce in the post. You don’t lose anything by doing the tilt-shift effect in post-processing, and you won’t gain anything by using a real tilt-shift lens to capture the same scene. In fact, by using a real tilt-shift lens, you lose much of the convenience provided by modern autofocus cameras, sacrificing the AF and automatic aperture control. Check out today’s tilt-shift lenses: they cost an arm and a leg, yet they’re all manual focus, and some of them still require you to set aperture manually and use stop-down metering, slowing down your shooting a great deal.

Download: ArtensoftTiltShiftGenerator-1.2-Setup.exe
License Key: ATSG-2F7C46-29B9F-WE3GA-YYLKH-1P5CH – ATSG-2F7C46-29B9F-EQ8SE-WQ7RB-ELCS3
License File: ArtensoftTiltShiftGenerator-1.2.reg

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