Giveaway: AOMEI Backupper Pro 5 for FREE

Complete Backup Solution for PCs and Laptops.

Buy AOMEI Backupper Professional + Lifetime Upgrades (2 PCs / License) 65% discount
buy AOMEI Backupper Professional with 30% Discount
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License Key: here
Download: AOMEIBackupperSetup-5.6.0.exemirror
Download: AB_PRO_5.5.0.zipmirror

Professional Edition is a complete yet easy backup software for Windows PCs and Laptops, which contains all features of AOMEI Backupper and supports system/disk/files/partition backup & restore, file sync, and system clone as well as provides schedule backup, merge images, dynamic volumes backup, UEFI boot and GPT disk backup.

buy AOMEI Backupper Professional + Free Lifetime Upgrade with 30% discount
buy AOMEI Backupper Server with 30% discount
buy AOMEI Backupper Server + Free Lifetime Upgrade with 30% discount
Buy Upgrade AOMEI Backupper Pro from 1 Year to Lifetime with 50% discount

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11 thoughts on “Giveaway: AOMEI Backupper Pro 5 for FREE

  1. staff does not check links posted by users in the comment section, so take care and double check everything.
  2. Zip-file “” contains not the Backupper Software, but the Partitionassistent. Wrong package !!!

  3. AMPR-4U14Z-3MU71-8FX5Y
    AMPR-1X0T8-61EX7-2821F (activate before 17 Dec 2019)
    AMPR-XW7UB-20671-U9XYX (activate before 30 Nov 2019)
    AMPR-7E389-K653L-5DY75 (activate before 25 July 2019)
    AMPR-4UZ14-NX2ZF-315X8 (activate before 21 July 2019)

  4. This is a great piece of software. You can currently get it for USD$28 (2 licenses, lifetime) at Stack Social. If you look carefully, you can lower this even further.

    • Interesting. On September 25, it said there was 3 days remaining on this deal. Almost a month later, it has 3 days remaining again. It must have been renewed.

    • If you’re going to neg a comment that adds value, at lease have the courage to explain your position. Does the software not handle files, folders, partitions and drives? Does it not do incremental/full backup? Does it not store on the cloud? Does it not verify backups? Does the software crash? Is the negator a shill for a competitor’s product?

      I can confirm this product does everything I described, although I haven’t seen it crash. When it comes with a lifetime license and a lifetime of free upgrades, the price makes is exceptional value.

      You can always pick people who are irrational and those who use logic. We’ve had quite enough irrational discourse over the last decade to last a lifetime, thank you.

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