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Aoao Video Watermark Pro allows you to quickly and easily add text or image watermarks to your online or offline videos. It supports almost any video format and you are given the ability to convert your videos to other video formats. Best of all, batch processing is supported so you can add watermarks to multiple videos at the same time.

Did you worried your shared video be unauthorized using and sharing, when the people watching your video, do you want to let viewers know who the video's ahothor are. You need to adding your ownership information to your video to ensure the ownership and avoiding the unauthorized using.
Aoao Video Watermark Pro allows you to embed text, image, logo, sign (include animated) to your video in batch mode. Video Watermark has simple operation, friendly interface and high speed process, so the processing of watermarking becomes very easy and fast. You can finish it with few clicks, and you do not need waiting long time, it is an excellent solution to protect and annotate your video.

Product Page: link
Download: Installer-VideoWatermarkPro.exemirror
License Key: B03ADFFF19CE7209DD619D9AB0FEACC3B29DF5B0
Download: video-watermark-pro.exemirror
Registration Code: AE8240FF495FB2D6FF0B5AD2FEFF52ABEACBFD07 – AO-VWPB-B673E00781-005C9ED7CE-E07C10FD07 – 3CB411EDDDF2D453FF5443F403EF30950CC7E0B2
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