Giveaway: Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic 2.4.0 for Free

Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic is the best software for making flash photo galleries. Easily bring your photos to life and share them on Facebook, Myspace, Blogger and other personal webpages and sites. You do not need any skills, just express your creativity with this software.

Why Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic?
Liven up your digital photos for the holidays

Add Photos & music and choose from a variety of preset flash gallery templates to create elegant flash photo galleries for sharing with friends and family on Facebook, MySpace, Blogger and more. Share your most precious memories in stunning wedding flash gallery, birthday flash gallery, baby flash gallery, summer holiday flash gallery and more. Also you're able to make flash gallery screensaver for your computer.
Uniquely designed templates suiting different styles

Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic comes with 26 elegant flash gallery templates and more in the future that automatically put preset decoration to your gallery (layout, photo transition, background, font, text color). What you need to do is just importing the photos and adding background music, all of the rest work will be left to Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic.
Present the photos in an eye-catching flash gallery on your website

It's a perfect way for photographers to present their photos in an interactive flash photo gallery and also the best choice for a flash presentation for your business. You can easily add text captions and background music for photo gallery.

Key Features:

Make elegant flash photo galleries and express your creativity;
Make digital photo albums for sharing with family and friends;
Make web flash gallery on your website for business;
Stunning Flash photo galleries. No Flash skills needed!

Product Page: link
Download: aneesoft-flash-gallery-classic.exemirror
License Key: ypCnN9ahuc8fI2PLXty6 – BNr1hOFFZGGtEOybDfZq

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