Giveaway: AMS PhotoWorks Standard v7.0 for FREE

Powerful and easy to use photo editor for PC.

Download: PhotoWorksStandard-7.0.exe
License Key: 1N21BTMB8TB1AWFAFMQ6
Note: to enable english go to c:\Program Files (x86)\PhotoWorks\lang\ and remove everything DE/German

Not quite happy with your photos? Tricky weather and lighting conditions or a stranger in the background have ruined a priceless shot? Vacation pictures don't look as vibrant as you hoped they would? With PhotoWorks in hand, you'll get the tools that let you save a spoiled shot or turn an average picture into a photography masterpiece. This seemingly simple photo editing software for PC has the latest image processing technology under the hood – for you, this means perfect pictures with a couple of mouse clicks!

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