Giveaway: ACDSee Video Studio 3 for FREE

Giveaway: link

End of line.

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Festus Dog

Update from my comment below… this giveaway is real and the website is now sending codes. The bigger issue is that honestly this program is lame. It cannot even do title screens and closing credit screens. That is just one huge example of how bad this program is. It is useless, it literally lacks even the most basic of video editor features. I had been watching the development of Minitool Movie Maker, gave that a shot, and it has much better functionality than this ACDSee program, and the Minitool program is freeware. Even old Microsoft Windows movie maker has much… Read more »


using 3 email, 3 different country (singapore, US, UK) doesnt work. then i tried using Belgium IP (based on JCR comment ), F**k, it worked flawlessly.


On my first attempt, 2 days ago, the mail with the serial took about 20 for arrival.
(oneway mail adresses).
Yesterday response took only several seconds.

Conclusion: It depends on server-strain…
The ACD servers are busy because they are flooded with demands…

Be aware that for unlocking the programm you might need the

1. Serial
2. Email-adress

The downloadlink comes with the registration info mail.


PATIENCE is the key to everything….
then it will definitly work for everyone…

Maurice Gagnon

J’ai demandé avec 2 adresses courriel mais rien reçu ???

Maurice Gagnon

Demadé avec 2 adresse courriel mais rien reçu ???


gave my mail adress , got a reply with key and link in a few seconds (in Belgium) Registration was flawless (with intermediate step)

Jhon Jhon

C’est un Fake. Giveaway, mon oeil

Jhon Jhon

C’est un fake. Pas de clé

Jörgen Lindström

Hm … when I first started the program, they ask me to enter the email address I provided when I downloaded the program. But when I now enter the email address the program says it is not spelled correctly. Although it is exactly the same email address that I entered from the beginning.

How do I do now ?!

Jörgen Lindström

Forgot this as I wrote. I got to it on my own.
Thanks in advance!


Just a follow up, if you don’t get the license and download link thru e-mail, contact customer support, their are answering this way and send both your way.

Here is the form:


their servers are under stress, now you also set the human support under stress…

Fu 2


No key arrived. Nothing on 2 different email adresses.

bro ues like hotmail
Thank you for confirming your email.

Here is the license key for your complimentary version of ACDSee Video Studio 3. Click the link below to download and install


I tried getting this yesterday, no e-mail has arrived as of yet on two different e-mail providers. I’ve contacted their customer support, let’s see how this works out. 🙂

As of early Friday The ACDSEE link still does not work. lso unfortunately once you use an e-mail and you don’t get the ACDsee link to software & serial y will flag you that it has already been sent to that e-mail & prohibits you from a resend. Very annoying


on a side note:
is this only for customers in the US, maybe?
could be IP country flag
the link is infected with the Corona Virus
to keep you safe they cancelled all downloads until the pandemic is over

Festus Dog

I’m from USA and not working here.


Wouldn’t call this a “fake” giveaway since ACDsystems is an established and respectable company. But it does seem like something is broken with their automatic email system for sending out download & registration info. I’d say give it another day or so for them to fix it. Giveaway lasts until April 15th so no huge rush anyways.

Edit: Just got the email though it took 2 tries (went to my “spam/junk” folder).

Festus Dog

Agreed, must be fake, tried 3 different legit email and no key. I’m sure they will be able to spam me soon though.


Thanks for the heads up and link for this ACDsee software giveaway. Worked great for me, the license notification came right away to my hotmail account, after I entered my information.




I tried 4 different e-mails 2 of them permanent e-mails and I never got a notification for download or serial number. There is something wrong with the link or ACDsee site.

ACDsee fails to send anything in the e-mail it requests


No key arrived…