Giveaway: abylon CRYPTDRIVE 18 for FREE

Background encryption to protect sensitive data against unauthorized access with AES or Blowfish.

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Download: abylon_CRYPTDRIVE-18.10.3-PRIV.exe
Registry key: 00EN-EA6A3B79-F51DA9073B-X18R9

With abylon CRYPTDRIVE you can easily create virtual, completely encrypted drives. Thus, all files and programs on this drive are protected against unauthorized access.

Encryption with the Blowfish (448 bit) or AES (256 bit) algorithm
Network-enabled container-based, encrypted drives
Only open drives are visible
Access permissions via password, external device, or certificate
Files stored on your computer can fall into the wrong hands in many ways. The only remedy is sufficient encryption of the data. The abylon CRYPTDRIVE provides a simple way to create encrypted drives, called containers. Through the encryption with the Blowfish (448 bit) or AES algorithm (256 bit) the files and programs stored on the drive are protected against unauthorized access. Only when the drive is opened can it be accessed via the File Explorer. Encryption and decryption take place automatically in the background. As a secret to open the drive, either a password can be entered via the keyboard, a smart card, a CD or a USB stick can be used. The combination of password and medium is also possible to defend against keyloggers.

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