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Protect Your Sensitive Data During Storage and Transmission

The security of sensitive data is often neglected. But the encryption of diaries, pictures or other secret documents with the AES or Blowfish algorithm is so simply. abylon BASIC is a collection for encryption, signing, compressing, searching, copying or moving of files and folders. For the encryption the software supports the blowfish- and AES encryption algorithm and passwords, smart cards, certificates and USB sticks as secret.
Encryption with passwords, certificates, chip cards, CDs or USB Sticks
448 Bit Blowfish or 256 Bit AES Encryption algorithm
Compression (ZIP-Format)
Optimise copy and move files
Digital Envelope and signature
Complete integration in the File Explorer

Product Page:
Download: basic129bdj-March2015.exe
License Key
Name or CD-Key: ONLY-PRIVATE-USE-BDJ2015-3
Registry key: 00EN-7A465086-005586A700-Q12V1

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