Giveaway: Abylon Backup-Tube v16.00.04.2 Private Version for Free

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abylon BACKUP-TUBE lets you backup and sync files on a manual or automated basis, safeguarding important and sentimental files.

With abylon BACKUP-TUBE, you’ll be able to easily overcome cases of accidental deletion, hard drive crashes, or malware attacks by restoring from exact duplicates of files and directories.

Download: backuptube2017_16.00.04.2.exemirror
Registry key: 00EN-989EA15C-A1B68ABD80-L16V0

Time Limited deal/s
Buy abylon BACKUP-TUBE – 1 license v2017.1 with 50% discount
Buy 7 App's from abylonsoft (Over 75% discount compared to the single prices)
Buy abylon BACKUP-TUBE – 3 licenses v2017.1 at a 70% discount

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