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With PC Fresh you are able to tune your computer like experts do.

Download: PCFresh2019_full-3697535.exe
Download: PCFresh-2019-CBE-ONLINE.exe

Startup optimization

Many programs unasked start with Windows. Many of them are not needed. A special module in PC Fresh lists all startup applications and allows you to disable all that don´t fits your needs.
Benefit from other experience

In case of configuration services and startup programs PC Fresh will help with recommendations. In addition you can benefit from the expirience of other users, because PC Fresh shows their recommendations.
By interview determined requirements

PC Fresh performs an interview to identify your operating system requirements. Thus, only recommendations will be done, which satisfy your demand.
Individual system adjustment

The customize module provides access to a large number of settings, which affect to the appearance and behavior of your system. They can be customized individually.

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