Giveaway: 1Tree Pro v6.0 Build 046 for FREE

1Tree Pro lets you quickly see the size of all folders/files/drives on your computer in an easy-to-use single tree view, so as to let you easily clean your hard drive and free up disk space by identifying large or unnecessary files/folders/drives.

1Tree Pro works with your local and network drives, folders and files, and you can do some common operations in batch mode, such as Move to Recycle Bin, Permanently Delete and Move / Copy to Other Place.


License Key: 1TP-36986279204102-NWDN
License Key: 1TP-32698563284202-NWDN

Also, 1Tree Pro provides you with a few special commands (e.g. Get Full Path of Resource) for drives/files/folders. So, with 1Tree Pro, you can do disk cleaning work easily.

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