AppGratis: Android Lucky Lottery Generator-Pro for Free

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mLottoLuck is a fully featured game to strategically and intelligently generate the lucky lotto numbers for all the states in USA based on the latest trend on the winning numbers pattern.

Don't randomly choose any numbers, and also don't let the quick picks determine your luck. You can put great strategies using our simple-to-use screen along with your luck and have mLottoLuck generate best lucky numbers for you.

STRATEGIES are simple conditions that can be set based on the TRENDS. For example: in MEGA_MILLIONS you may want the first number to be between 1 & 10, second number to be between 11&20, third number can be any number, forth number can be any number between 30 & 45 and the last number can be any number above 45. Similarly for POWER_BALL and BALLS too. Once set, it is saved in your phone. Then when you generate the NUMBERS the above strategies will be used to generate your BEST LUCKY WINNING NUMBERS.

You can have mLottoLuck generate your lucky numbers for all kinds of US lotteries, such as MEGAMillions, POWERBALL, Pick3, Daily3, Cash3, Pick4, Daily4, Cash4, Lotto, HotLotto, 2by2 and many more.


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